Dream Event - Sex and the City 2 Party!!

5:07 PM

Pay homage to one of the best chick flick series of all time and throw a glamourous, fabulous, liquor filled party. Host this pre-movie screening party and call a cab to the theater for Sex and the City 2. Oh how I missed those ladies!

Here are a few things to get you going. I went with the Abu Dhabi theme and used the above picture for inspiration. Sure, many of you may not invest in lanterns, rugs and silver platters for a party (not just any party, show some respect!) but you can still buy figs, macarons, champagne and throw your Manolo Blahniks on (in my case faux Manolos).

First start off with a natural jute rug - bringing in sand is optional.

Then ad some fun pillows - I tried to go with the beige look in the picture but couldn't resist a jeweled- bedazzeled one. These are from Pier 1 but if you need a good excuse to head to Home Goods and find a few new pillows go for it. Don't blame me if you come home with a plastic Buddha statue for $9.00 (true story).

Some cool lanterns will add to that Arabian Nights feel. These are from World Market.

Some gold rimmed glasses to hold all the champagne you will be enjoying.
Buy some yummy figs. If you can't find them fresh use the dried.

And if you look in the picture near Charlotte you will see these beautiful, colorful macarons. Luckily you don't have to go to Abu Dhabi for these heavenly morsels, you can go to Macaron Cafe on 36th street in the city. Coming in all sorts of flavors like nutella, praline and raspberry, these are reason enough to host a party. Oh yeah, and if you can't pick them up in your Jimmy Choos you can order them online.

To serve all your goodies get these awesome serving trays from World Buyers. It is an awesome website with truly unique stuff. Same goes for the Buddha statue here.

I wouldn't even attempt to think that I have the fashion capability of the genius Patricia Fields. Really, she is the reason I watched the show - just to see what Carrie and crew would wear. From the previews it looks like this movie will provide amazing fashion eye candy. However, I couldn't have a dream Sex and the City 2 party and not create a dream outfit!

Let me know if you throw a party for the movie and send some pictures!

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