Do me a favor, enough with the favors!

1:05 PM

It's no secret weddings are expensive. One place to save your pennies is favors...just don't do it! Really, do you think your guests need to take home a mini cheese grater with the tag "Grate Love" on it to remember your day? They don't. In fact, a mini cheese grater may seem like torture to most people. Sorry to be frank, but this is tough love. Couples can spend up to $1,000 on trinkets people throw away (or hide in a drawer and take out when you are coming over, however, if you want to see me with bleeding fingers as I grate a piece of cheese on the smallest cheese grater of all time then you are no friend of mine!). But if you feel compelled to send your guests home with something, here are a few ideas...

People love pictures of themselves. Rent a vintage photo booth and have guests take home strip photo. As the party goes on there will be interesting photos coming from that machine. This is simple, different but still manages to be classy and commemorate the day.

In my SATC2 blog post I mentioned Macaron Cafe in NYC. You can order yummy macarons pre-packaged or package them yourselves. Lets face it, everyone loves a yummy treat on your way out...especially if you had a few drinks and need to soak up that extra vodka.

Another great options is a candy station! Buy some oversized glassware and vases and fill with your favorite candy. Not a sweet person? Fill it with pretzels, popcorn or even bagels.

Maybe donate to a real charity ( I couldn't resist putting this up, I'm a dorky Seinfeld fan). Putting the money used for favors to a charity of your choice is gracious and meaningful, especially if it is a cause that is close to your heart.

Here is cheese grater mentioned above. I was not going to post the picture in protest of its ridiculousness but I thought you wouldn't believe me. Come on, really???? Who can grate cheese with that!

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