Fee-Fi-Fo-Hum...Land of the Giants theme!

1:13 PM

This week's NYRA Family Funday theme was "Land of the Giants" and featured very cool stuff like Giant Operation, Giant Shoots and Ladders, Giant Connect Four and even a Giant Inflatable Chair. Are we getting the theme across to you yet? But how cool is this, really? What little kid wouldn't like to live like a giant for their birthday party?
Here are a few things to complete a "Giant" themed birthday...

For the sugar lovers get a variety of giant candy like taffy, lollipops, even Hershey's kisses. Yes parents might curse you for giving their child a jawbreaker the size of their head but it will look so cool (and after all, isn't that what counts?)!
Instead of a traditional cake make a giant cupcake! It will be relatively the same size as a 3 layer cake but will create a cool illusion. This one made for a 1st birthday is super cute and doesn't look too daunting to make (after at least 3 tries I should get it right).

And for the adults who want to feel like a giant - over sized Margarita glasses!! Maybe don't serve them at the children's party or it could turn into a giant sleep-over.

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