Non Profit Spotlight: New Beginnings

8:49 AM

Event Kings is honored to produce amazing fundraisers for non profit organizations all over Long Island, Manhattan and beyond. I thought it would be a good idea to spotlight the organizations along the way. I know this is a departure from fabulous event tips and tricks but don't worry, I'll be back with more wonderful ideas (I know its Memorial Day weekend coming up!!).

One organization that we produced walks, casino fundraisers, and galas for is New Beginnings of Long Island. This organization was created to offer support and rehabilitation for those suffering with traumatic brain injury (tbi). The founder Allyson Scerri was called to action after her father suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident. Seeing a man of strength and independance being inadaquately cared for motivcated Allyson to form an organization that would offer support to others in the same situation. They are currently developing a state of the art center to help those with TBI. Again, Event Kings is honored to work with such an amazing non-profit.

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