Sticks and Stones (and leaves) may break your bones...

2:28 PM

...but they make great centerpieces! I just love a bunch of leaves or branches in a oversized vase as a centerpiece. It looks so apropriate for spring and so lush (at a very affordable price, try FREE if you can snip some from your backyard).

Here are some great examples of using greens and branches to add drama at your event or your home.
This is from a wedding we did. For the place card table we took 4' tall curly willow branches in a vase and added white blooms all around it. The curly willow's height added drama and took up a lot of space resulting in less flowers (resulting in a great bang for your buck).

These orange tree branches give color and coordinate with the chairs - genius.
Perfect for Easter OR take birch branches and put ornaments on it for a Christmas look.
Look at that sea of candlelight - MARVELOUS!
I often buy a bunch or two of lemon leaves from the flower market and put it in a pretty vase. Its cheap, looks great and lasts a long time. (this fabulous home is not mine however).

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  1. Wow.. really beautiful table decorations. Chinaware and centerpiece are really looking pretty good.