Dream Theme - Twilight Party

2:59 PM

I know the theme's been done before and quite well I might ad, but when my colleague suggested a Twilight themed party that reflected the misty forest scene I was intrigued. The previous Twilight themes I've seen out there all use the apple on the cover of the book as well as lots of black and fake (hopefully) blood. But a forest setting where Edward whispers into your ear? I'm in! So, for all you Twi-hard fans out there (or maybe just for myself) I put together a vision board for the decor. As well as an outfit that I would love the wear to such a fete.

The image on the upper left is a faux tree trunk base. Perfect to hold tons of curly willow and large fern leaves. On the bottom would have to be a lot of moss to reflect that Seattle forest feel. And no mystical setting would be complete without MIST. Fog machines create that look, however if you DO decide to reenact this theme double check with your venue on the fog/smoke machine...it can set off fire alarms.

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  1. I love thiss!!! I will be having some sort of Twilight halloween part for sure-Chelsea