Earth Day Entertaining

8:05 AM

In honor of Earth Day I wanted to show how you can reduce, reuse and recycle (more like up-cycle) for your next event. From the age old egg carton caterpillar (I wish I still had mine, I remember it has a masterpiece!) to truly awe dropping decor, here are some of my favorite Earth friendly projects. Maybe you will look at your water bottle a bit differently from now on.

The spin on the egg carton craft...a mobile!
Ditch the plastic cups at your next party and serve cocktails, mocktails or whatever beverage of choice in mason jars.
Vintage looking cans are a great centerpiece base, they add character to the table instantly.

Guilt free wine drinking when you know you are using those bottles for a grand centerpiece...drink up! (Do we really need a reason anyway?)
And finally, Pièce de résistance - a chandelier made entirely of water bottles! Can you imagine 5 of these hanging over a dance floor at your wedding? I can! So at your next event gather all those water bottles and start glueing!

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