Last Impressions

10:01 AM

At lunch with some wonderful friends this weekend we discussed how fabulous their September wedding was and my friend said something very poignant: "we really thought about what people would take away from the night, what they would talk about after it was over." What a great approach this was to not only wedding but any event planning. It allows you put your budgetary and energy sources to that which YOU want the biggest impact to be. If you want people to ooohh and aahhh over the look then you will put more money into flowers, lighting, etc. If you want them to dance the night away make sure you get the best DJ or band. If you want the foodies to be satisfied then make sure you go to a venue that is known for their gourmet fare. Try to keep asking yourself this question throughout the planning process. It will put into perspective your splurges or your bargains.

Here are some other ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests:
For those with no budget, end with a bang.
For the sweet toothed, end with a classic.
For the young at heart, end with a fond memory.
Who doesn't like to be a kid in a candy store?
Again, relive those childhood memories...I can still hear the Mr. Softee jingle in my head. Double cone with rainbow sprinkles please!

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