What to Do Before "I Do"

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New Year, New…. Last Name?

Event Kings’ Guide of what to do, before “I do.”



 The holiday was magical but truth be told we know that each time you opened one of those boxes, you were secretly hoping for the one thing that you were not sure that you would get. Trying to hide your disappointment, you remain aloof. It was easy to tell, something was up.

Just as the ball drops and the flood of text messages that wished “Happy New Year” began to seep into your IPhone you could hardly believe your eyes when the man of your dreams is in front of you on one knee. Of course you said yes! You might even want to scold him for making you wait. Family and friends in tow, you celebrated into the night. The next morning, still one questions lingers.

“What do I do now?”

Being a bride in 2016 isn’t easy but Event Kings has outlined 4 essential steps to ensure that you can have your wedding cake and eat it too.

1. Set a date

Everything and we mean everything for this wedding will depend on the date. That will be the first question that friends and family will ask. Once you have a date, or even two tentative dates you can move forward with the planning process. The things to consider when choosing a date are time proximity – how close or far away the date it from time you were engaged and seasonal preference. Considering the season is important because weather will also affect many aspects of the planning process.

  2. Do a guest count.

Get cozy with your mom and mother-in-law to be by sitting down and making a list of family and friends that are absolute must haves. If this doesn’t suit you, then sit down with your future hubby and brainstorm. Once you have these two numbers, move on to the most important step.

3. Call Event Kings @ 631.392.1234

Despite the shameless plug, you can trust us on this one. According to owner Terry Vogel who is a seasoned Event Coordinator, “Incorporating the skills of a team that is geared toward making a clients’ vision a reality, early on in the planning process pays off in dividends later on.” With most engagements lasting between 12 and 18 months your time is valuable.

Have a certain place in mind already? That’s perfect. Allowing Event Kings to build a relationship, or evoke an existing relationship with the perfect venue means that on the most important day of your life you will have a representative on site who is trained to work with the staff at your venue in order to provide an experience that is seamless. A confidential source from an exclusive North Shore venue admits “The presence of an Event Planner is always an asset for the venue. We truly want to provide guests with the type of experience that they want. To have that support team there, ready to relay the brides wishes, so that our staff does not have to disturb her during her special day a vital resource.”

Once you take this critical step, you will have the support you need to move into the next phase of the planning process.

4. Check out The Event Kings' Wedding Blog

Now that you have the expertise of an event planner to help guide your wedding in the right direction take a minute to get some amazing tips from our on-site expert Christine Dirr. Christine’s got information on the latest wedding trends and she doesn’t just write about them, she makes them a reality with weddings just like yours.

Weddings by Event Kings and King Lily Floral are fantastic assets to have as a bride! Allow Event Kings to support you in designing that day you always dreamed about.


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