"A Night at the Races"

11:35 AM

A Unique Fundraiser brought to you by Event Kings



So, what do the Islander’s Children’s Fund, March of Dimes, Carol Baldwin, and the Boys and Girls Club All Have in common? They have trusted Event Kings to produce a fundraiser. You might even say that here at Event Kings, we have a degree of expertise in the arena of fundraising.

Through our experience we have learned that one of the largest problems that many organizations face while trying to plan a successful fundraiser is designing a model that is both entertaining and profitable. In many circumstances improper planning can lead to a loss of a revenue from donations. At Event Kings, we understand that your fundraising event ultimately needs to bring in money for your cause. Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solution: “A Night at the Races”

“A Night at the Races” is the perfect way to ensure that guests are having fun and that your organization is generating funds. It’s also an excellent compliment to a Casino Fundraiser or an interesting alternative.

Much like a casino fundraiser, “A Night at the Races” utilizes custom printed fun money that is distributed to guests as part of the registration costs. Monitors are used to display races and guests can use their fun money to place bets, creating an ambiance of excitement! As your guests deplete their supply of fun money they are encouraged to donate funds in exchange for more fun money at the booth and continue the fun. As a result, your organization is able to raise revenue and guests are able to indulge in a little guilt-free excitement. Providing prizes or incentives so that guests can cash in their remaining fun money at the end of the night provides an additional reason for guests to keep playing. Have a “Most Fancy Hat Contest” for the ladies, and encourage the gentlemen of your organization to don a classic derby hat. There are hundreds of exciting ways to execute this innovative theme.

For fundraisers that produce results, bet your bottom dollar on Event Kings.

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