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A year in review from some of our favorite events


2015 certainly was an amazing year at Event Kings. Here are some of our most memorable moments.


As long as there is cinema, audiences will continue to be enthralled by their favorite characters from the silver screen. The Muppets are no different, making a big splash in 2015 with the Muppet Movie. Our guests were so excited to feel as if they were a part of a big screen event. Perhaps it isn’t easy being green, but this one was so much fun even Miss Piggy might approve.

Jurassic World

Another theme that was inspired by cinema was Jurassic World. Jurassic World is a unique theme that emphasized the larger than life dino-danger in the movie. Our version was complete with giant dinosaurs and gigantic footprints. We blended the Jurassic World components into an exciting carnival atmosphere.

Glow Event

A glow event is an interactive experience that creates instant ambience. This particular glow event which we hosted for MSG at the Montauk Yacht Club was amongst one of our favorites in 2015 because it allowed us as event planners to transform a space into an alternate universe, creating the most unforgettable experience.
As per our client’s request for interactive games, we were able to devise custom giant Jenga board as well as an LED illuminated 9-Hole mini golf course and ping pong tables. In addition, we supplied LED furniture and our fabulous LED photo booth, which was a true show-stopper.

Key Food’s Coney Island Food Show

Key Food’s annual trade show is an event we look forward to producing year after year. This year the Coney Island theme enhanced the event by providing a delightful atmosphere, turning the exhibition floor of Resort World’s Casino into a mini side-show carnival. Key Food’s newest and most unique products are on display for all attendees to sample.

As if there were not enough enticing edibles, the hundreds of guests that poured in were greeted by two mermaid-models whom directed them to a delicious continental breakfast. While all of the food was a spectacle in itself, the Coney Island Theme truly transcended everyone’s expectations.

Event King’s owner Steven Vogel was able to research the best entertainment that Coney Island had to offer and enlist these star performers to entertain the eager crowd. A Sword Swallower, Strong Man, Human Block Head and Knife-Thrower amazed the masses so that the attendees behind the scenes at Key Food, could manage the trade floor. During the months of planning and three days it took to produce this event, Event Kings was there every step of the way.


In November, we talked about some of the amazing advantages of choosing an aerialist for your entertainment. The cirque theme transcends all of your expectations, taking your event to new heights.  Take a look at this summer party that Event Kings produced for Avalon Bay in Huntington

Here at Event Kings, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!

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