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An outdoor Father’s day

Father’s day is coming up, and June’s sunny weather is perfect for an outdoor celebration.

A barbecue is perfect because it provides your family with an opportunity to spend time together while enjoying great food. The process of cooking together and serving the food can help family members to bond.

Here are some Father’s day ideas that can come in handy for other events as well:

Plan ahead: Let your guests know, a week or two in advance, that you will be hosting a Father’s day gathering. This will ensure that most of your guests will attend.

Pick a location: Depending on how many guests will attend your BBQ, you can decide to have it on your backyard, or you can decide to pick a spot at the park, or the beach.

Create a budget: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy Father’s day. Create a budget, and stick to it. After all, the ambiance of the BBQ is created by the host and the guests.

Plan games and activities: It’s always fun for the family to participate in games, like the blindfolded shoe shuffle, where children and grown-ups can play.

Focus: Make sure you make this event about your dad. You could have some family members say something nice about him, and you should do it too.

Keep yourself organized: It’s best to write down your ideas to avoid losing them. After you are done, you can review your plans and organize them. A checklist helps you make sure you have everything you need for the event’s date.

It’s ok to get help: It can be stressful to plan a family gathering if you feel like you are doing it on your own. Ask friends or other family members to help you. Sometimes people want to help, but they might need you to ask.

Have a plan B: Weather can be unpredictable, so always be prepared to move your event indoors, or under a tent.

Think outside the box: If you prefer to have a buffet on Father’s day, you can try to add different flavors to a basic barbecue by including a Hawaiian suckling pig on the menu. To keep options available to seafood lovers, you can add shrimp cocktails or grilled tuna.

Have fun: Even if something does not go as planned, you should always enjoy your event, not only for yourself but also for your father and your guests. Relax, smile and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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