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Blog Mini-Series: Outdoor Wedding Reception at Home

Many couples like to take advantage of the summer and have their wedding reception in their own backyard. It creates a sense of intimacy between the couple and the guests. Some couples love the idea of controlling every aspect of the wedding and others perceive that hosting an event at home can be more cost effective. Whatever the reason is, having your wedding in your own backyard can be a great experience, but there are limitations and factors that you need to take into consideration. Here are the two sides of the coin:


  • There isn’t a time limit: Your guests can stay for as long as they want.
  • There isn’t a site fee: It’s your home. Instead, you can invest the site fee on sprucing up your yard.
  •  You don’t need a property permit: Did you ever dream about getting married in The Hamptons? While this can be a beautiful location for your wedding reception, booking a property in The Hamptons can be time consuming because there is a lot of paper work and permits to file. If you have your wedding at home, you will not need to worry about any of that.
Tip: It’s easier to have a wedding reception at a private estate, so if you know someone who owns property in your ideal location you can ask if you can rent it.
  • Electricity is available: You can get electricity from your own lines, but you need to make sure that you have enough electricity for everything you will include on your reception. Otherwise you will need to get a generator.
  • The bride can get ready in a comfortable place: I think women are more comfortable getting ready in their bedroom because it is a familiar place. It might help to ease a bride’s nerves to get ready at her own home.
  •  It’s your style: You can customize the decoration according to your taste. Most venues on Long Island do not have a casual vibe—they usually have an elegant feel. For example, they are decorated with chandeliers and the like. So if you are looking for a casual venue, your backyard can be the perfect location.
  • A backyard wedding is more intimate: The space is smaller, so the couple and the guests are closer to each other.
Next on the mini-series: The cons of having an outdoor wedding reception in your own backyard.

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