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Extra At-home Outdoor Wedding Tips

We previously wrote about the Pros and Cons of having your wedding reception in your own backyard. Here are other things to take into account:

• Some guests may want to spend the night so be prepared for that.

• The caterers should get familiar with your home’s space to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You need to be prepared for bugs: Mosquitoes, and other bugs, are a nuisance in the summer. They can take away from the experience, so read this to learn tips on how to keep them away from your wedding.

You need to have enough parking: You need to make sure there is enough parking available for all your guests. You can hire valets to park your guests’ cars in a public parking lot. You can also use a college, a mall or a church parking lot. You will need to check with your town, or the institution you picked, about the permits that are necessary to use their parking lot.

Tip: We all know how hot summer days can get. The heat can make you and your guests uncomfortable, not to mention it can cause the bride’s makeup to melt! So consider having your reception in the evening. It’s best to have your event at 5:00 or 6:00 PM because the day starts to cool down.

The bottom line: If you choose to have a home wedding, you should hire a professional to pull it all together and ease your stress. However, don’t expect it to cost less than a catering hall. Aso, it would be better to keep your guest list small when hosting your event at home.

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