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Another Fabulous Team-Building Event by Event Kings

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In ancient Greece, the Olympics was a way for all of the warring city-states to come together and celebrate the beauty of human achievement. While you might not compare your current inter-office relations to that of Athens and Sparta, here at Event Kings we know that you need something to pull yourself out of that depressing mid-year lull.

 Last time we spoke about team building, we let you know that Event Kings specializes in a plethora of creative options for activities that stimulate morale in the work place. One especially good option that makes the most of the beautiful weather is an Olympic style event.

Olympics combines the best of both worlds – outdoor fun and healthy competition! Have a blast as employees are divided into color-coded teams then asked to work together to complete tasks that require  a little bit of strength, endurance, and intelligence. Another amazing advantage is that the staff at Event Kings is there to facilitate the games so that you can take part! Team-building Olympics can be executed on site or as part of a picnic or conference. Event Kings are team-building experts! Allow Event Kings to facilitate and Olympic Style team building event for YOUR organization and relish in the spirit of the summer games.
To Another Productive Year!

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