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Event Kings Pulls Off the Best Barbecues

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Event Kings consistently strives to provide business owners with exciting options that allow them to show their employees just how much they are appreciated. One fantastic option for summer and fall is a Corporate Barbeque Picnic.

Event Kings has extensive expertise at providing on and off-site events that allow you to take advantage of the nice weather. Have a casual get together at a local park, where Event Kings has the connections and experience to take care of all the necessary permits. If that’s not feasible, allow Event Kings to bring the picnic to you, on-site in your very own parking lot. We offer three different levels of barbeque to fit any budget.

One detail that is often overlooked when planning an outdoor picnic is the quality and safety of the food being served. Event Kings has the knowledge required to execute a barbeque where food is continually prepared and served—hot food hot and cold food cold. There is always a member of the catering staff on-site to provide food service during the entire meal period.

When your reputation is on the line, safety and excellence are the two most important components. If there's a barbeque or outdoor picnic that you that you wish to have done -- the right way -- call Event Kings at 631.392.1234.

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