Magic, Mystery…and Murder? On Creating a spooky but sophisticated soiree.

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October is a Month of Mischevious Themes


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Here at Event Kings a Halloween themed event is not a concept reserved for a six year old. Truth be told, human beings seems to have a fascination with the macabre. The darker side of life has always been an inspiration in entertainment. Magicians like Harry Houdini use illusion to make us question what we see before our own eyes. Great directors like Alfred Hitchcock use mystery to illicit thrills from their patrons.  The different between these innovators of intrigue and your standard B-Movie gore, is the masterful execution of suspense in a glamorous and ghoulish setting.

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So, pray tell what is the secret to sophistication and spook? Halloween décor uses the power of suggestion and element of surprise to recreate the excitement we experience as we witness Hollywood Horror. It could be an event that just happens to occur during October, such as a Sweet Sixteen or Halloween could be the reason of the evening. The dark and magical is a versatile yet unconventional theme that makes your event more memorable.

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Walk your guests though a glittering forest or enchant them with a magic mirror. Choose candlelit Gothic details for a vintage vibe that is nothing less than classically creepy. Once you have determined your devious decorations it’s time to “exorcise” exquisite entertainment. Not for the faint-of-heart, a Murder Mystery event is your ticket to an intriguing evening. Excite, and surprise your guests by entertaining them with a story that they are a part of.  Another way to add additional thrills and chills is by enlisting a magician. Children and adults will delight in the illusions created by a man skilled in “slight-of-hand.” 

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An evening of mystery and magic is an eerie yet elegant way to celebrate in October.
See you on the other side….
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