Maximize the Last Seven Weeks of Summer

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There's Still Seven Weeks of Summer


The Late Summer Picnic: Squeezing every last drop out of summer

We know you’re checking the calendar. It might seem unfair but in just seven weeks the leaves will begin to descend and the days will get shorter and shorter. The good news is, that it is not too late to plan a fun outdoor event that will maximize all the August and September sunshine that we’ve got left!  

When your venue is the great outdoors, nature provides the ambiance. However, choosing a location is often the single most important decision in determining the success of your picnic. Selecting a location that provides an indoor option in case of rain is ideal, but most parks and wineries may not be able to accommodate indoor events. In this circumstance you will want to make sure that your event is properly “covered” with expertly assembled tents and lighting. Fortunately for you, Event Kings has the connections to successfully manage a plethora of outdoor functions.  Our planners have the expertise to understand the complexity of outdoor events. 

Instead of swatting the flies off of a hot dog while getting splinters from a poorly maintained park bench, imagine that you are enjoying gourmet sliders underneath a comfortable – and attractive tent at a well-dressed table.  Picture the happy children in bounce houses safely allowing the adults to enjoy a few precious moments of relaxation before it is ten (yes, ten) longs months, of pencils, teachers and dirty looks.  So don’t let all the "back-to-school" sales rob of your summer fun in August and September. Take advantage of the next few weeks and allow Event Kings to assist you in squeezing the last drop out of summer. 

Signing off, with a little food for thought! 
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