Creating Incredible Memories With our New Photo Booth

7:53 AM

On Creating Incredible Memories, but first, let me take a selfie...


Photo booths make your guests feel like a celebrity. In a world where we struggle to take the perfect selfie (at any cost) a photo booth is an unforgettable enhancement. This people magnet will encourage your guest to engage in socializing (as opposed to the social network) on that special day.

When Event Kings recognizes a industry trend, we strive to provide clients with premium options that uphold the standard of excellence that our reputation demands. As a result of these efforts Event Kings is proud to present our new and improved, larger photo booth. This new photo booth stands to single-handedly revolutionize the photo booth experience as we know it on Long Island and NYC.

The sleek design of this photo booth is easily incorporated into any décor. The exciting current technology offered allows users to move beyond the traditional strip of photos and guests are now offered a digital image that they can send to their phone and instantly upload to social media. Props that are handpicked according to the theme or group present at the event are a way to create personalized memories.

Strips of photos are also additional swag that guests are happy to score so they can gush to others what a great time they had at YOUR PARTY. This high tech yet approachable option does volumes to create incredible memories and increase interaction among guests.

Our new photo booth is an enhancement that adds an element of socialization and entertainment in one installation, ensuring that every guest enjoys a memorable and interactive experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. 
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New York | Palm Beach 

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