Centerpieces Sans Flowers

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The Non- Flower Centerpieces
Birch, Willow, Feathers- and OK Maybe a few flowers

With one of our sub-divisions being a florist- King Lily Floral Designs, we absolutely LOVE flowers. However, being a Total Event Company, we recognize that there are times when flowers are not the answer. A centerpiece can  still be striking and captivating without a single flower. 

Winter Events are the best example for Centerpieces Sans Flowers. To portray the wintry theme we think snow, berries, birch, and more snow! Hey- We ARE Based in NY

Below are some images from centerpieces we provided at a recent Holiday Event. Birch is the main attraction in this piece, with accents of gold, Burgundy berries & pine cones.

Here is birch in a more Glam setting- with hanging icicles.

Birch is not the ONLY option for a Flowerless Centerpiece- Another one of our favorite is Curly Willow. While Birch carries the traditional winter look, Curly willow can be used all year long.

Below are some images from a Money Themed 50th Birthday & A Pink Glam Wedding. Okay, there are a few flowers in there- but just used as a highlight to the piece.

And don't forget about the Feathers! Feathers are a fun way to add a different texture to a centerpiece. Here we added a few rose petals in the vase- but if you're looking for something totally Flower Free- there are many things that could add color in the vase.

If you are craving something different than flowers for your Holiday Event- than these pieces are the way to go.  Let Event Kings & King Lily Floral come up with a piece that suites your theme and your budget too!

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