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Event Tip:
Post Holiday- Holiday Events

It's that time of the year that companies are planning their Holiday Parties. It is a mad rush from now until December 23rd- And you could use a little stress free help from Event Planners.

Event Tip: Plan your Holiday Party for after the New Year.

  - Your guests will be able to enjoy the party more that the Holiday Craziness is OVER.
  - Prices are way cheaper in January, and you are more likely to get more for your money.
  - After the Holidays are over, and it is just winter with nothing to look forward to- this will brighten everyone's attitude

Now, we know you all wouldn't like a Holiday Party in January-

So for those last minute planners, there are still some great venues with open dates & we can help you plan the rest of your event to make your company's Holiday Party the talk of the year!

Call us- Only a few more weeks left of the Holiday Madness!!
631-392-1234  oEventKingsNY.com

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