11-11-11: Weddings

4:45 PM

Biggest Wedding Day of the Year

Whether you are into Numerology, Mathematics or just Superstitious- 11/11/11 is a strangely important day.
Besides it being Veterans Day- it has also become the Biggest Wedding Day of the Year.

According to The Knot- there are over 24,000 Weddings planned for 11/11/11.

In Numerology, 11/11 is a Power Number and has many positive attributes, such as; Emotional Intensity, Passion, Compassion, Sensitivity and Harmony.

With all those good characteristics, its no wonder why so many Brides & Grooms chose this day to tie the knot.

While our floral division-- King Lily Floral-- prepares for the wedding we have booked on 11/11/11, thousands of other Brides, Grooms, Event Planners, and Florists are applying the finishing touches to their wedding plans.

 Chapels in Las Vegas are advertising specials for this day Left & Right. ABC News 20/20 is even taping a segment of couples getting married on 11/11/11 at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!  Check out their blog for post about weddings they do http://blog.vivalasvegasweddings.com/

Since 11 is also a BIG gambling number-- Las Vegas sounds like the perfect place to get hitched and play a little Black Jack on the lucky day 11/11/11.

Or you could just use Event Kings- We have everything from the Floral Division, to the Casino Division, to Planning the entire thing! And a lot closer than Vegas.

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