11:36 AM

Who doesn't love an Oktoberfest? Beer, Pretzels, Music, Beer... A friend of Event Kings threw her own Oktoberfest  a week or two ago, and asked us for a little decoration assistance. When we arrived to set up some balloon pieces for her we were amazed at her Oktoberfest Decor!

It's not Oktoberfest unless there are pretzels--
and beer too.

The Host gave away these Oktoberfest Beer Steins as guests arrived. Guests used their Stein Giveaway to drink out of all night. The beer cap wine charms were so guest could keep track of their steins.


This is were Event Kings came in. We decorated the pool with Light Up Spheres- its hard to see in this picture, but at night it is beautiful. We also added clusters of balloons in the traditional Oktoberfest colors around their house and back yard. 

Thanks to our Host & Friend for throwing such a great Oktoberfest!- and for using Event Kings too.

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