Event Tip: Floral Budget

9:36 AM

 So you want that Big, Over the Top, Jaw Dropping centerpiece for your wedding or next event. Only problem is... you simply don't have the budget for it. 

Just ask the pros (that's us)- It is not really a problem at all. 

We just suggest to do Half & Half. Half of your tables will have the Grand, Exciting, Towering centerpiece you wanted, while the other half get something a little more simple and cost effective, but still beautiful.

A Large & Small Centerpiece

Advice straight from the Floral Designer:

Jessica, our Floral Designer at King Lily Floral, explains why having a large and a small centerpiece is actually more dramatic and effective than having all one size.

"Visually the tall pieces catch your eye when you walk into the room, and the lower centerpieces are seen while guests are sitting down. So you get both planes of view"- Jessica Ciardullo, King Lily Floral

Here are some pictures of a wedding we did this past summer. The Large & Small Centerpieces really balance the room and still made the statement the Bride wanted: Big, Pink & Crystals.

Visit our Floral website to see more examples of Big & Smaller Centerpieces, or even just to browse around our new site.

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