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Employee Spotlight: AJ Demichael 

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There’s another fantastic member of the Event King’s family that we’ve been itching to introduce you to.
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 Meet AJ Demichael, the Operating Partner of Promo Kings, the Event Kings merchandising and promotion division. Promo Kings, through the expertise and vision of AJ Demichael is committed to providing our clients with high-quality and competitively priced customized merchandise.

The type of merchandise available at Promo Kings is top-notch and not limited to merely goody-bag swag. AJ has a talent for discovering and developing unique products to fit the needs of businesses from small to large as well as custom-themed merchandise for social events.
Promo Kings
AJ graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Accounting and his book smarts translate into solutions that fit your budget “I remember one of my first large quantity orders that I secured, my client told me that she was so impressed that I was able to get her a significant discount compared to what she was paying to a competitor. It felt really good as a business owner that I was able provide a service that makes a noticeable difference in my client’s bottom line.”

In fact, you could say that it it AJ’s specialty to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships. According to AJ, “My favorite part about Promo Kings is building relationships with certain brands and clients. I enjoy being able to help when a client needs help with a project or is stressed over a short turn around time. My focus is never on the point of sale; it’s about providing a true useful service.”
As to the type of clients that AJ is accustomed to servicing:

“Generally speaking, my clients are either in marketing departments or human resources – they have enough on their plate, It’s nice to rely on someone like myself to source them a great, budget friendly product and take care of the time line of the order. Everyone is on a budget, from a parent planning a Sweet Sixteen to billion dollar corporations – I just want to make sure everyone I deal with feels taken care of and that they got a bang for their buck.”

As the Operating Partner, AJ is the face of Promo Kings and that means that he is always ready to go what it takes to get the job done. AJ runs all daily operations of Promo Kings – from point of proposal until the moment of delivery and beyond. “I am always accessible, Sunday, Out of the country, 3am; if a client needs me I will be there for them,” AJ says.

Quality products, professional services and fantastic pricing are all part of AJ’s plan to provide his customers a top-notch experience that yields results. Contact Promo Kings and continue to check the blog to learn more about the fantastic products that Promo Kings can source to enhance your mission, big or small.

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