Event Recap: Romantic Vintage Wedding

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Flower Friday & Event Recap
Romantic Vintage Wedding

A few weeks ago we Planned & Produced a Wedding for an AMAZING COUPLE! The first time we met with them a few months ago- we knew we would have a great time producing this event.

The Bride & Groom wanted a Vintage Romantic Feel. She was creating this idea from an old telegram her Grandfather had send her Grandmother.

Here is a close up of the Esperance Rose that we used throughout the Bouquets and Centerpieces.

We absolutely LOVED how Big this rose was and the mix of the Cream and Blush.

Esperance Roses, Cream Roses, and White Stock, wrapped with Cream Lace for Bridesmaid's Bouquets.

The Bride & Groom decided on taking Old Wedding Photos of their Family Members, placing them in frames and using them as Table Numbers. It added a beautifully personal touch.

Scattered around the tables were duplicates of Old Family Photos.

On top of that we placed strands of Pearls, Pink Cameos, Broaches, and other little trinkets.

We also brought in our own Votive Holders decorated with a Gold Lace Print.


This is our personal FAVORITE.

While some table had 1 Large Milk Glass Piece. Other Tables had 3 Different Sizes of Milk Glass.

This Lucky Table had a Milk Glass Teacup!


This was another personal touch from the Bride & Groom. Instead of a regular toiletry basket, they chose to use Vintage Style Suitcases- How Cool!

As part of our Floral Duties- King Lily Floral, decorated their cake with matching flowers from all the centerpieces.

The Bride & Groom's Sweet Heart Table-

At the End of the Wedding, the Bride & Groom's  gratitude was enough to make all the long hours WORTH IT!

When the Bride said, "I had a vision, and you helped me make it as beautiful in reality as it was in my mind", it was enough to melt our hearts!

You can see more beautiful images of our Floral Creations on King Lily Floral.com

However, flowers aren't our ONLY Strong Suit- We also provided a DJ & MC, and Wedding Coordination.


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