Popcorn Day!

11:34 AM

Popcorn Day
Popcorn, Popcorn, and more Popcorn!
Event Kings

Last week we produced an Event for a Company with numerous buildings in Westbury, NY. We provided 6 different buildings with a Popcorn Machine, Attendant & Freshly Popped Popcorn for an hour during the employees lunch break.

As we started popping the popcorn- employees were drawn in by the smell of fresh popcorn and butter drifting around the buildings.  

The popcorn was served in these Vintage Style popcorn bags to each employee- and the rest was bagged up for the overnight shift of employees.


 We even themed our Balloon Clusters around the Popcorn Theme. We made each balloon cluster look like a popped kernel, with red and white ribbon to represent the bags!

  Here are some stations we set up with our attendants preparing and serving the popcorn.

We have to admit- we had a ton of FUN producing this event!

Along with our larger Events like Weddings, Sweet 16s, Corporate Picnics, and Casino Fundraisers, we Welcome the smaller events like Popcorn Day with open arms!

We also provide other Fun Food Items like Cotton Candy Machines, Hot Pretzels, Churro Machines,  Candy Bars, and EVEN Smoothie Huts!

Contact us to plan your next event- whether big or small, we go above and beyond for every event.

Event Kings

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