Valentine's Day

12:25 PM

The Month of Romance
February 2012- Valentine's Day

There are plenty of cheesy love movies playing lately, and every time you turn on the TV there is a commercial of some nervous man proposing to his future wife.

But lets reflect about the important thing on Valentine's Day... FLOWERS!

Sending your loved one flowers on Valentine's Day dates back to the 18th Century, when Charles II of Sweden introduced sending flowers to convey a non-verbal message.

Flowers can speak to your Valentine without actually speaking any words. And each flower holds a different meaning-

Calla Lily: Majestic Beauty


 Red Rose: Love, Desire, Respect & Courage


Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence & Loyal Love

Red Carnation: Admiration, My Heart Aches For You

Tulip: Symbol of The Perfect Lover

All of these beautiful floral arrangements were created by our In House floral designer- King Lily Floral. To see more, browse the portfolio on our website-

We wish you all a Love- Filled Valentine's Day!

King Lily Floral


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