Surprise Party Tips

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A surprise party can be the most memorable moment of a person's life. Hearing the excitement and noticing that it is coming from your family and friends is thrilling, wonderful and embarrassing. That is exactly why I had to do it to my husband!! I recently threw him a surprise party for his 35th birthday Event Kings style. Normally my husband works at events as a dealer so that was my reason to get him there....tuxedo clad to boot! Here are some ways to execute a great SURPRISE party and not drive yourself least not too crazy.

1. Get a solid ruse.
I knew that if I told Joe he had to work a fundraiser he would buy it no problem. I also KNEW he would ask me a million questions on the event and why I would have to be there too (told him I had to take pictures for our web site). Knowing the inquisitive nature of my husband I tried to think ahead of all the answers and talk to all my colleagues about all the different scenarios.
2. Make sure the RSVP # or e-mail is confidential
In a trusting relationship people share passwords to e-mail, facebook and answer each other's cell phones. While this is great for a marriage it is horrible for a surprise party so make sure where you tell people to RSVP is secure. A good choice if your work # or make a new e-mail address with Google just for the party. It's easy, free and safe!
3. Make him/her a star!
Pictures are a great way to personalize the party. You can enlarge a great photo to poster size  from a local printer or here and hang them around the room. Anther way to bring the guest of honor up front and center is to make picture cards as centerpieces as shown below. I bought the Accordion Cards through Kodak Gallery. I had two stacked on top of each other for about $10 per table (plus balloons).

Don't forget about customized money if you are having a casino!!

I think he had a good time!

All photos taken by Ken Paprocki

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