Party Inspiration: Valentine's Day!

3:03 PM

Is Valentine's Day cheesy? YES! Is it overrated? YES! Is it totally commercialized? YES! Should you celebrate it anyway? YES YES! Why not take the chance to commemorate the best emotion; LOVE! Here are some inspiring ways to party from Hostess with the Mostess Blog...

 Nobody loves you more than your puppy. Really, who else wags their tail incessantly when you walk in the door, even if you have only been away for 10 minutes? So show the love to your pup this V-day with heart shaped treats and lots of hugs!

 A frilly lace plate with heart shaped cookies is perfect for friends at work.

 This Love Rocks party is so cute I can't take it!

You can make an adorable, sticky and sweet Candy station

Or have it all go awry like Erin Gates from Elements of Style

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