Money Saving Tips for Kids Parties

6:26 PM

A party for your child can either be a BIG headache, very expensive or both. Here are some tips from the event I had for my daughter on how to save some money and still create a beautiful party for your child.

First off, we had it at the house because besides our monthly mortgage there was no additional fee.
Secondly, we had a theme of a chinese cartoon Kai Lan mainly because chinese food is cheap and everyone loves it. Think taco bar for Dora the Explorer.
Next, I set up a dessert table and the buffet in the same room across from each other. It meant I didn't have to break one table down to set up the dessert or spend money on help. It was very easy. It also allowed me to create one central decorating spot so I didn't need to spend additional money on decor all over the house.
I did splurge on a magician for entertainment but it was worth occupying 15 children for 1/3 of the party.

 As much as I love a gorgeous designer cake I know it can cost a pretty penny. So if you don't want to spend a hefty price and are cupcaked challenged (my red velvet ones landed in the garbage!) do what I did; order a plain sheet cake and a cardboard centerpiece (this one was $6). Put skewers on the bottom of the centerpiece like I did and stick in cake. It will look and taste fabulous.

Lastly, we saved money and the environment by putting out pitchers of water and bottles of soda. We did put out juice boxes in order to save my furniture. I also had Kai-Lan-tinis for the adults; lychee juice and champagne…yummy!

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