Take a Seat...In Style

9:57 PM

Let's face it, some reception chairs at venues cannot only clash with your decor, it can RUIN it. Maybe the budget fell short or maybe the designer was out the day they chose the seating but whatever the reason don't let them destroy your vision. Chair covers have long been the go-to solution to hide these hideous seats but they can pose a few problems. 1. They can be costly. 2. They don't always fit the size of the chairs supplied. 3. Those 6" heels can get caught in the excess fabric that hangs on the floor causing spills for even the sober but fashionable guest.(I've seen this and it isn't pretty). The solution? Get completely NEW chairs altogether! Fabulous rental chairs are being available to make your event look hip, fun, funky, romantic, or just plain beautiful. Here are some of my faves:

Hot Pink Chair with zebra cushion for a Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or Cougar's 50th birthday...
Hot Hot Hot

Or Navy Chair with black striped cushion for a beach side wedding.
LOVE this Nikki Side Chair...very grand and FABULOUS!
If you don't know what chair will go with your color scheme go with Ghost. These clear acrylic chairs are perfect for any theme. I saw recently that clear furniture is on the OUT but I disagree, I think this trend it here to stay. Plus I want them for my own house...two please!

This Donatella Wing Chair is reason enough to host an event.

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