Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

9:59 AM

The latest event trends are evoking memories of our childhood. Game programs, balloons, candy stations are just a few things that are bringing us back to the good old days of our youth.

We recently did a teambuilding program for Long Island Real Estate group that incorporated “Flag Day” or “Sports Day” games like over under water balloon, land skis, ducky relay race and Giant Jenga. Everyone had a blast, and how can you not when you have swim fins on your hands and a duck bill on your forehead and you are carrying a balloon to the other side of a field? Even the biggest cynic has to smile at that! And every time we do one of these programs there is always a Negative Nelly in the group who has a “this is so dumb” face on and you know what? they are the person who comes to the event in drag as a cheerleader with blue wig and pom-poms…its true, I’ve seen it myself. Honestly, these simple games work to bring an office together, to break the ice at a sales meeting or even to just feel like kids again at a backyard party.

On the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings this month was a gorgeous bride with balloons! How childish can you get? But it looked awesome. As a floral designer I am not initially inclined to suggest balloons for a wedding but I think we have come far from the 1980’s balloon heart behind the Dais. The key to making this work is bright colors and large sizes. Go for bright red and teal in 24” and 36”. It will fill up the space and make a visual impact in a tent or a venue with high ceilings. To keep it elegant add a floral base of roses. If this is too kiddie for your taste, think about hanging oversized balloons upside down. Fill them with air or nitrogen and you have inexpensive lanterns! One 36” (that’s a whopping 3 feet) costs around $20 compared to a 36” balloon that will cost $4 for 10. Sadly air is not free in this case as you will need a compressor which can easily be rented.

Ok, I know this trend has been around for a while now but I hope everyone considers it for any event. The candy store is the quintessential memory of happy childhoods. This is an easy thing to set up yourself but here are a few pointers:

*Try to have someone man it so they can invite guests over and replenish popular favorites.
*Don’t put out chocolate on a hot day, nothing spoils a party like brown stuff on a nice dress.
*Personalize the containers. Look for small Chinese takeout boxes or wax paper bags and put stickers on it with the date and name of the party.
*Label your candy in case someone has allergies.

Also, check out this awesome website from someone who ONLY does candy stations for events. http://amyatlas.com/index.php/main/

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  1. the candy store would a great event to have